The Chance.


A somewhere that’s waiting to be found.

She was sitting there silently, fiddling with the strands of hair that fell on her face; deep in thought about the most absurd things in life.

The way her brain works, surprises me; for it can go from thinking about how nature takes care of its beings to how she wants to take care of the new born babies that are abandoned by their own parents. Her smile has the spark that can bring a wave of happiness in someone’s life within seconds.
The way she gets excited when she guesses something correct in the first turn, the way she expresses her opinions when a serious issue is being discussed and the way she sleeps at night so calm and innocent, makes me wonder how someone can be full of so many surprises.

But today, maybe she was thinking about all the consequences that would occur because of the decision she was about to make. Maybe I shouldn’t have said all that to her. Maybe she was better off without me. But I couldn’t help but take a chance. I wanted to know how she felt about me. I wanted to know how would it feel to have someone like her in my life. So I did it.


Okay so this is something different from what I usually post. I had written it about a month ago or something, wasn’t sure if it was good enough. If you read the entire thing through, thank you soooo much. Tell me if I should write more of these or just go back to the previous ones.

Until next time.


7 thoughts on “The Chance.

  1. I like this. I love this. It’s so interesting. Yayyyyyiiiii.. write more of these…But don’t stop writing the previous ones as well once in a while. Start posting every week now.❤❤🤗🍕

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  2. This is just so captivating. Very very mind-casting beautiful write up.😍 It had gathered all my attention and has left me asking for more.❤ It has left an impact on my mind wondering, “what’s next?”👀 Do keep writing such blogs along with the previous ones. 💙

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so good. Excellent😘. Sakshi please continue this kind of writing work…i am eagerly waiting for next. You have tried something new and it has really fascinated me💜

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