What makes you happy?


All of us have a few things that make us extremely happy, isn’t it? A few things or activities that we really enjoy and no matter what always end up making time for.

Perhaps making time for things that make us happy is a good way of appreciating and rewarding ourselves for making through the difficult situations that we come across. But some people often feel that they are wasting their time in something that is not so important in their life now. But why shouldn’t we do it? After all it’s for our own self right?

Small things like chocolates, compliments or even listening to music, reading or playing your favourite sport can instantly make you happy and  it’s completely healthy for you. You’re definetly not “wasting” your time in doing that.

You should have tons of stories to narrate by the time you’re above sixty years of age. And that my friend will only happen if you’re ready to go on different adventures that are presented to you. Do not let that thought get in your way and stop you from enjoying your life, you completely derserve it.

So my first message for the year 2017 would be –  Do what makes you happy and enjoy it to the fullest. Time is never going to come back so its better to take risks and make the most out of it.

(P.S- Writing, listening to songs and chocolates are the things that make me happy 🙂  I would love to know about yours too.)

Until next timeeeee.


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